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It's the players' favorite !


"The Big Drought on Rattlesnake Ridge"

November 15, 2014

(G Man reporting):  "Sir!  The hillbillies hijacked our shipment of whiskey leaving the distillery!  The question is,  where did they go with it?  Sorry to say they chained the truck driver - some guy named Chad - to a guard rail on the highway and were heard playing banjo music as they drove away....they were hootin' and hollerin' about their victory."


(Uncle Jessie):  Jeb, this here's your Uncle Jessie - ya gotta git word to the kin about what we uns are fixin' to do about this here drought!  Haulin' water up the mountain is lookin' like our only way we uns are gonna git those stills up and runnin...The shine season is layin on us like fleas on grandma's nightie - then there's them there mine fields to put up  with agin!  Last season them Rev-newers were a lot smarter then I thunk em to be..they are akin to our ways now so we uns are gonna have to build another still...and soon...and if that ain't enuff to git my whiskers itchin' I heared talk from sum city folk that the Rev-newers are a fixin' to spoil our shine sum how !  We ain't a gonna let that happen Jeb - we jist ain't  a- gonna do it!

1281 Reed Bull Road
New Market, TN 37820


Owners:  Andy and Norma Jean Hiatt
                            Head Referee:  Ben Sather
Hiatt's is located  two miles off Highway 11 East between Morristown and Knoxville; just west of Jefferson City.  We are a family owned and operated business and are pleased to offer extremely competitive pricing.  We present a scenario game approximately every two months. These games are played on our large woodland field .  We are also able to incorporate our smaller speedball field into these games, and it has proven to be a popular sight for some extra play at the end of one of our big games.  We also host "rec games" (smaller groups- reduced field fee).  You may watch this site, or call our field phone (865-214-3722) to keep informed of the latest news on our upcoming games. Other than these games which are pre-scheduled, the field is open at your request on a reservation basis.  It has become a popular place for birthday gatherings, family reunions, morale-building excursions, church groups, leagues, troops, and corporate events.  We have an adjacent campground where you may picnic, and porta-a-potties are on site.  Please pick your date and call our field phone to reserve.  Reservations can be made for six or more players..
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